Exploring Rogers Park/West Ridge

History in a local Chicago neighborhood

One week down.

The internship has officially begun.  After the first week, I can now say I have, at least a miniscule amount, real world experience.  And, so far so go, I have to say.  As I mentioned before, my main focus for the semester will be the founding families of the Rogers Park area.  My progress on investigating and developing the individual biographies and reference sections can be found under the “Biographies” tab.  Since it was my first time experiencing the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society (RPWRHS) in person, I needed to do some foundation laying for the rest of the semester.  I got a little introduction to the electronic archives, as well as, the stacks of boxes housing the physical records and remembrances.  I checked out a brief history of the neighborhood, familiarizing myself with the names and spellings of the early residents.  From there, I started to see what I could find in the way of archival records.  There were a few promising leads here and there, including numerous photographs, tax records, club/church memberships, and much more.  They are leads, however, and will include more in-depth research to develop the end product on the founding families I am looking to create.  Throughout the week, I will be reading through a few local history references I received from the RPWRHS and increasing my familiarity with the neighborhood’s early days.  At the end of the week, I will be back again and picking up where I left off. 



This blog is dedicated to providing frequent updates on the work I will be doing throughout the 2013 January through May semester as an intern at the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society.  Explore the main page for weekly news on the happenings around the society and my work as an intern.  The tabs at the top of the page will direct you to more specialized pages, including a page on the biographies of local founders, the results of research I will be conducting in the upcoming months.